How can I use the Herbal Hair Growth Tea? Our Herbal Hair Growth Tea can be used in several different ways. You can drink the tea or use it directly on your hair by using it as a pre-poo, hair rinse, leave-in, etc.

How can I use the Herbal Hair Growth Tea as a pre-poo, hair rinse, or leave-in? Once the tea has been brewed, let it cool down. Pour the tea into a hair applicator bottle or spray bottle, then apply to the scalp and hair. It is recommended that you focus on the scalp and massage it as well. You may wash the tea out or leave it in your hair.


Can I drink the tea if I am pregnant or breastfeeding? We recommend consulting your doctor before consuming herbal products.

What is the difference between the loose tea and the tea bags? The tea bags are conveniently packed for quick use and the loose tea may be more potent when brewed.

Can I preserve the tea once it is brewed? If so, how long? If you choose to save the tea after it has been brewed, it is recommended to refrigerate the tea for no longer than 2-3 days.

How much loose tea is recommended per cup? 1-2 tablespoons 

Can I add sugar, honey, etc.? Many of our customers enjoy our tasty tea without additives. However, you may add what you desire.